I was moving my parents car from the middle of the road because my mum was rushing into my house with all the breakfast for my entire stag party and as I was parking up and walking back to the house, the Trotters van appeared in front of me blasting the theme music and the voice over of Delboy. I could not believe this surprise and absolutely loved it. John came out of the car dressed as Rodney and passed me over the car phone. all my guests eventually came out and could not believe what had turned up. All the street and my stag guests were filming and taking photos, I have got to hand it to John, the vehicle is exactly the same as the original. When all the photos were finished me and john travelled to Ewood Park (Blackburn Rovers), while we were driving we were welcomed by other cars and members of the public cheering and shouting and taking photos. I really could not believe what was going on and the hype, even a guy in a Ferrari was interested in buying the vehicle. When we arrived at the ground, we were welcomed by the rovers press and groups of people. It was something I have never experienced before. John deserves every credit because he has brought an iconic piece of history to life. I will be recommending this service to everyone.